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Holocaust Report Essay Research Paper The HolocaustSitting

Holocaust Report Essay, Research Paper

The Holocaust

Sitting here, I watch the guard patrol the fence like a wolf waiting to pounce on its

prey. The stench of burning flesh is in the air. I can?t see anything past the barb wire in

the distance. I can only see soldiers in the main yard of the compound. To the right of

me, I spot a group of people who are lined up to go into a building covered with

camouflage. The soldiers are yelling ?shnel, shnel? as they herd the people into the

building like a group of cattle. In the back of this building I see a cloud of smoke rising

into the dark sky. Some people say that once the soldiers take you there, you never come

back. They say the smoke you see is not really smoke, it is the souls of the people that

have disappeared in there.

There are many people here that I have never seen before. They all look so

different. Some still have meat on their bones, some look like a rack of bones. These

soldiers do not feed us often. Only on certain days do they let us out of the permanent

shelter that we are in. I feel like I have no energy, and I have not eaten in days. I wonder

if I will I ever live through this.

This is what Jewish people and Gypsies had to go through in World War 2. They

were persecuted by Hitler?s army of Nazis. These people did not harm anyone, but Hitler

felt they threatened the new Germany he was building. Hitler blamed them for the

economic hardship they were going through. Just because they were Jewish, they were

sought out and put into concentration camps. These people were brought to these camps

to be eliminated. If you did not meet the criteria for the ?New Germany?, then you would

be eliminated.

How can someone just forget about what happened back then? To me, that is not

easy to forget about. I think you must study past atrocities to understand our own times.

The world let it happen once, and that is enough. We should learn from our mistakes and

apply that to the future. If we focus on what is going on now, and not learning what went

on in the past, we can