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Rock And Roll Essay Research Paper It

Rock And Roll Essay, Research Paper

It is common belief that ?rock? music fosters bad behavior. This statement has no basis; there are no facts whatsoever to support such an accusation. The word ?rock? is a very general term, a wide variety bands fall under the label of ?rock?, bands that range from The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. To really make an accusation you must first specify the one you are accusing. And I am not just speaking blindly; I spent a whole year rooming with a Satan worshiper. I listened to Marilyn Manson literally every day and my behavior did not change one bit. When listening to him I felt no sudden urges to go get into a fight or go vandalize the school. I have experienced first hand the affects of rock and roll, none. ?Rock? does not foster bad behavior; it is the people who have tendencies to break the rules who are attracted to it. And since we never like to blame ourselves it is ?rock? that gets the bad rap.

Rock?n?roll (rok?en r?l?), n., a kind of popular music with a simple repetitious melody. 90% of the music listened to by adolescents throughout the world would fall under the term ?rock? as defined in the World Book Dictionary. With this in mind, how could you accuse ?rock? of causing bad behavior? ?Rock? has been broken down into many sub categories as it music has progressed from its roots in the Goldie Oldies in the 1950s. Some of the most well known are Classic Rock, Eighties Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Grunge Rock, Rap Rock, etc…. So accusing ?rock? as a whole of anything would be ridiculous and stereotypical.

Personal experiences have developed this theory in my head. Last year I was at boarding school, and my roommate, Nick House, was a self proclaimed ?Demonolotrist? but by all Christian standards he was a Satan worshiper. He listened to extremist bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. I listened to this music all year, every day. And at first it worried me, I was afraid that the music would somehow effect me, but not so much to my surprise, it didn?t. While listening to it I felt no strange desire to go commit a crime or kill someone. In fact my being exposed to this music only broadened my horizons and expanded my knowledge.

Accusing rock of causing bad behavior is the equivalent of me accusing Christian music of causing Christianity. Christianity existed long before Christian music. In the same way, bad behavior existed long before ?rock?. Christians are attracted to Christian music because it is Christian. In just the same way people with tendencies toward bad behavior are attracted to rock because it is revolutionary.