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Drunk Comparison Essay Research Paper Melissa AgelAfter

Drunk Comparison Essay, Research Paper

Melissa Agel

After around two hours in a bar the way I carry myself is definitely different from the time I walked in. I’ve never considered myself much of a drinker, especially before I came to college. I had never appreciated the way beer had tasted, or it could have been only because I was exposed to some of the more disgusting ones. When I lived in my hometown only a few months earlier I attended tons of parties. Most of them were always hosted by the fellow alcoholic teenagers, and supplied the cheapest beer they could get hold of. I can recall filling my cup with the foamy cold beer that poured from the tap, and sipping it for hours. “I just don’t like beer!” I would reply to my male friends when asked why I wasn’t drinking much. After a few hours at the party I would realize that I was the most sober one there.

The first day I came to Fredonia, I went to check the bars out. I first drank a few beers I recognized and then asked around for the names of some mixed drinks. The first one I tried was a Blue Whale; I loved it. I figured; if one mixed drink tasted good I’m sure that others would too. Drinking had finally turned into something that was fun to me. Now after partying for a few hours, I was no longer the sober one in the group.

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Comparison and Contrast

On my way to a party or a bar I am completely sober. I am

aware of the surroundings around me and am capable of walking in a straight line. When I speak, my language is pretty much perfect and everyone has a clear understanding of what I am trying to say. In my mind I know what is exactly going on and concentrating on something is easy. Knowing that I am on my way to a party or bar I tend to be excited. I am usually energetic and hyper; realizing that I will finally be having fun after all the work I had done during the week. As I continue to make my way to my destination I am aware that the way I feel and think will most likely change by the end of the night.

Once to the location I was headed for I start the night off with a couple drinks. Allowing the alcohol to enter my stomach only begins the side effects. After finishing the first few drinks it is obvious from my physical features that I have been drinking. I notice that the color of my cheeks change from a peach tint to bright red. By continuing to poison my system other physical effects begin to happen, such as a slouching posture. Around a half an hour after my cheeks turn a different color my head begins to grow heavy. I will usually swing it around slowly

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Comparison and Contrast

with a drunken smile across my face. My body tends to lean against anything that will hold it up. Consciously I am aware of

what I am doing as I was hours before; except I find that I don’t care as much.

When attempting to have a conversation with someone I try harder than usual to pay attention. Occasionally I get distracted easily when under the influence. My judgement isn’t always as great as it is in the usual state of mind. I often believe that I can drink more than I can handle. By continuing to drink it effects my walking. No longer am I able to walk the straight line or touch my nose in sequence. I often stumble and stare towards the ground. I am not as energetic as I had been a few hours before, instead my eyes grow heavy and I look forward to finding my bed. Unfortunately all the alcohol I placed in my stomach decides to get back at me. More often than not I usually find myself throwing up not only what I had to drink, but also the meals I ate that day.

To be honest, by drinking I turn into a totally different person. I can no longer act the same as I could when I was sober. Even though I try as hard as I can, it is still obvious that I am performing an act. When I leave the party or bar I am

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Comparison and Contrast

ware that the way I carry myself is far different from the time I

walked in.