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Ibm Essay Research Paper International Business Machines

Ibm Essay, Research Paper

International Business Machines Corporation

The Big Blue is often a name use by many to describe the world?s largest provider of

computer of hardware, software, and service. Years ago many said International Business

Corporation (IBM) wouldn?t as prosperous, but who would have said they were wrong.

Know one would of forecast the success of IBM. It was obvious that they would be

successfully because computers are extremely important in todays world. Without

computers society wouldn?t be advance in technology and other areas.

Many of IBM customers consist of such companies as insurance companies, airlines,

some banks, and many other large corporation. IBM sales consist of programs for large

companies with enormous computer system which needs software. IBM is also trying to

get involve in the on-line service.

The history of the International Business Machine Corporation began with a 40

year-old salesman name Thomas Watson. In 1914 Thomas Watson was a National Cash

Register, he was trying to save a company known as the Computing-Tabulating-Record

Company(C-T-R).At this time he was trying to sell or marketed C-T-R?S Hollerith

machine and other tabulators to the US government during WW1. He wanted to sell

punch cards tabulator. Once he had supplied the US government, with these tabulators,

he had triple (C-T-R) revenues to nearly $15 million by 1920. In 1924

Computing-Tabulating-Record was change to International Business Machines. IBM then

began to take over the worlds market for tabulators, clocks, and electric type writers. By

1940 it was the us largest office firms that deals with machines. There sales had reach $50


In the year of 1944, IBM had perfected the the calculator it was known as Harvard

Mark I. It was actually a electromechanical calculation. It is said that this was the first

potentially computers. In 1951 Remington Rand?s came out with the UNIVAC it began

to replace the IBM machine. In the 1960s and the 1970s IBM came out quickly and built a

market share near 80%. IBM used its superior marketing.

In 1952 Thomas Watson Jr became president and presented its first computer, 701.

While Jr was president he introduce the Stretch system, which get rid of vacuum tubes.

Also during this time the first family computes, which were called the 360. In 1957 the

first programming language came, it was called FORTRAN. and also the first floppy it

was introduce in 1971. IBM then came out with more advance computers such as

System/38 in 1978 and the AS / 400 in 1988. Once IBM PC came out many other

introduce their own PC. In 1984 IBM, Sears, and CBS Founded Trintex, which is now

Prodigy online service. During 1984 IBM began to have loses because of competion with

other companies, even though it had profits of $6.6 billion, because of competion. Many

other company such as Rolm telecommunication, Kodak, Lexmark and other companies

which produce keyboard, printer and other supplies. 1992 IBM set up a European unit to

sell low cost clones of its own computers and from a venture with other companies to

prepare a voice and data network service. In 1993 IBM enter another joint to develop

software. During that year Louis Gerstner became IBM CEO.

IBM has taken part high competition, low margin PC and storage markets. And it looks

to the interest areas of big computers, semiconductors, software and service for force.

In 1994 sold its federal system unit which provide computers service to the government,

for 1.5 billion. IBM then began to produce computer chips. IBM then bought the

software Lotus for $3.5 billion dollars. IBM began to produce computer chips designed

by Cyrix.

In 1995 IBM bought Lotus spreadsheet software for $3.5 billion

In 1996 IBM bought Tivoli system for $743 million. Since IBM had invested an

estimated $1.2 billion IBM they continue the partnership with Sears and solid prodigy to

management and investors for $250 million. During that same year IBM became the

largest to offer health benefits to gay and lesbian workers.

In 1997 IBM plans to give 2 for stock split for the first time, since the 1979. This would

make IBM?s stock more affordable for investors.

When IBM started its series of personal computer, the computer help enforce, software

compatibility. Computer made others companies started using the same operating system

as the IBM personal computers so that they run the same programs.

The new generation of computer well led to the development of new type of computer

which would operate much faster and one day it may operate as fast as mainframes