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Computers Essay Research Paper Computers Today

Computers Essay, Research Paper

Computers Today computers are a part of our everyday life; can you imagine a world without computers? There are many kinds of computers. For example, there are desktop computers, laptop computers, and palmtop computers. These are the most popular ones. However, there are many other types of computers. Through computers you can do almost anything. For instance, using the Internet you can buy almost anything with your computer. It can be use for household work and a bunch of other things. Right now computers are and will continue to be the future of communication and education. The desktop computer is the most common type of computer used by us. Almost everybody that can afford to buy one can have one at home. Desktop computers are easy to use and easy to find in any computer store. Desktop computers is used mostly at home because they are big you can not take it anywhere with you. Usually you see desktop computer in companies because today a company without a computer does not have much of a future. Desktop computers are divided in two parts: monitor, and tower. The tower is where you have the motherboard and your processor; these are the two most important components of a computer.Laptop computers are a small version of the desktop computer. They have every thing that a desktop has. Laptop computers are portable, and they do not weigh much. They are easy to carry around. Another good thing about laptops is that, you can buy anything through the Internet anywhere on earth. You just have to connect with a cell telephone, and it is done. Some of the laptops are faster and have more capacity; all of this depends on the model. Models are divided in different speeds and capacity.

The other type of computer is the Palmtop. Palmtops are smaller than the laptop; you can fit a palmtop in your pocket. Palmtops do not have the same speed or capacity as the other two examples. They are cheaper, and they are mostly used as an electronic agenda. Palmtops can remind you of any appointment you have to go to. You can put it down in the palmtop, and it will remind you of the appointment. The only thing that the palmtop has in common with the laptop and the desktop, is the software window. However, even the windows have to be compact to be able to fit in the palmtop. As you can see, those are the three most commons types of computers use by humankind today. Desktops are use mostly at home, for household purposes and other things. Laptops are used mostly by executives, which have to be able to work anywhere. The palmtop is used by anyone that can afford it. I bet that one day all of these computers will be obsolete in no time.