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Моя будущая профессия 3

Моя будущая профессия.

Добрый день! Меня зовут Мне года. Я – студентка. Я хотела бы рассказать Вам о своей будущей профессии. Я с детства думала о ней. Сначала я хотела быть певицей, потом – врачом или писателем. Но я выбрала профессию социального работника.

Работая в социальной службе, я смогу быть полезной многим людям. Часто это люди, находящиеся в сложной жизненной ситуации, инвалиды, дети. Мне бы очень хотелось работать с детьми. Я буду беседовать с ними, помогать им решать проблемы в семье, в школе. Это очень интересная работа. Она требует много терпения. Конечно, я хочу быть успешной и иметь достойную заработную плату. Но, к сожалению, социальная работа не слишком высоко оплачивается.

В заключение скажу, что для меня социальная работа – это профессия благородных людей. Спасибо за внимание!

My future profession.

Good afternoon! My name is . I’m years old. I’m a student of the. I’d like to tell to you about my future profession. I thought about it since the childhood. At first I wanted to be a singer, then a doctor or writer. But I’ve chosen a profession of the social worker.

Working in a social service I can be useful for many people. Often they are people in a difficult reality situation, invalids, children. I’d like to work with children very much. I’ll talk to them, help them to solve problems in a family, at school. It’ll be very interesting work. It demands a lot of patience. Of course, I want to be successful and to have a worthy salary. But, unfortunately, social work isn't so highly paid.

In conclusion I’d like to tell you that social seems for as a work is a profession of noble people. Thanks for attention!


social work – organized work intended to advance the social conditions of acommunity, and especially of the disadvantaged, by providingpsychological counseling, guidance, and assistance, especially inthe form of social services.

social service – the establishment rendering social services and also the citizens who are engaged in activity on social maintain of the population

social worker – someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged).

Тест на простые времена

Прошедшее простое время/ The Past Indefinite (Simple) Tense

Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:

1. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, but it (be) cloudy in the morning.

2. Mrs. Clay usually finishes her work at half past three, but she (finish) it later yesterday afternoon.

3. Every day I help my Mom about the house, but last week I was very busy with my exam. So I (not/help) her much.
not helped
didn’t helped
didn’t help

4. Tom isn’t playing tennis tomorrow afternoon, he (not/play) tennis yesterday.
doesn’t play
didn’t play
didn’t played

5. We generally have lunch at 12.30, but yesterday we (have lunch) later.
had lunch
have lunched
had had lunch

6. Now my brother smokes a lot, but he (not/ smoke) before.
hadn’t smoked
didn’t smoke
not smoked

7. The Frasers live in four-room apartment, but last year they (live) in a small house in the country.
were living
did live

8.I (get) to the market myself last time, but now I don’t remember how to get there.

9.How you (cut) your finger?
How have you cut
How you cutted
How did you cut

10.Jack (try) to remember what he had done last April.
was tried

11.Looking through the paper, the teacher (find) several mistakes.

12.He (meet) Mary and (fall) in love with her at first sight.
had met, falled
met, fell
meeted, fell

13.Helen (prefer) tea to coffee.

14.When you (write) to your parents last time?
When do you writed
When did you write
When did you wrote

15.Yesterday Mr. Watson (drink) too much at the party.

16.Don’t worry about your letter. I (send) it the day before yesterday.
have sent

17. When I was a child, I (always/be) late for school.
were always late
was always late
be always lated

18.My husband (work) in the bank for three years since 1990 to 1993.
was worked
had worked

19.We (not/have) a holiday last year.
didn’t have
haven’t had
haven’t had

20.When Jill (finish) school?
When did Jill finished
When was Jill finish
When did Jill finish

Будущее простое время/ The Future Indefinite (Simple) Tense

Выберите правильный вариант ответа. Choose the correct variant:

1.I'm tired. I (go) to bed.
I go
I’d go

2.It’s late. I think I (take) a taxi.
will take
shall take
am take

3.____ I (answer) the question?
Shall not

4.We don’t know their address. What (we/do)?
What are we do
What will we do
What shall we do

5.Our test (not/take) long.
isn’t take
doesn’t take
willn’t take
won’t take

6.I’m afraid they (not/wait) for us.
don’t wait
will not be waited
won’t wait

7.Diana (come) to the party tomorrow?
Shall Diana come
Will Diana come
Does Diana come

8.You (arrive) in Paris tomorrow evening.
will arrive

9.The boy (remember) this day all his life.
will remember
should remember

10.Perhaps they (buy) a new house this year.
‘ll buy

11.He (be) fourteen next year.
‘ll be
will is

12.I’m not sure I (find) Jim at the hotel.
shall found
shall find

13.We (not/book) the tickets in advance.
not book
shalln’t book
shan’t book

14.Do you think it (rain)?
will be rain
will rain

15.Everybody thinks they (not/get) married.
won’t get
not will get
shall not get

16.There (not/be) any wars in the world.
aren’t wars
will not be
not’ll be

17.Dad (present) Mag a personal computer, ____ he?
presents, didn’t he
will present, won’t he
present, will he

18.____ there (be) drugs for every kind of disease in 50 years’ time?
Shall there be
Will there is
Will there be

19.Let’s go to the theatre, ____ we?
let’s not we
shan’t we
shall we

20.I (not/do) it before dinner.
not do
‘ll not do
not shall do