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Norway Essay Research Paper NorwayThis project will

Norway Essay, Research Paper


This project will briefly but thoroughly explain all statistic conserning the country Norway. Some facts presented will include climate information, physical regions and landforms, and natural vegetation.

Thesis: When reading this essay, one should better knowledge themselves in all ways towards the country Norway. The reader will be entertained and educated at the same time. That is the goal of the author.

a.) Norway’s biggest tourist attraction is without doubt the nature. Especially beautiful are the mighty mountains, fjords and waterfalls in western Norway. The mountains are the place to go for a feeling of freedom and for unique experiences. Jotunheimen is said by many to be the most beautiful mountain area.

Fjords can be found along the entire length of the Norwegian coastline, from Oslo Fjord to Varanger Fjord. And each one has good reason to be called the most beautiful. But the best known fjords of all are those found in the west of Norway. They are famous throughout the world.

b.) The climate Norway depends on region. The northern part lies within the Arctic Circle. Along the northern coast rain falls as snow in winter. In the south the lowlands have dry warm summers but cold winters with severe frosts. Much of the interior of Norway is mountainous. The interior highlands have an arctic climate in winter with fine spells in summer combined with long hours of sunshine and relatively high temperatures. The coast of Norway is long and indented. The Atlantic coastal regions have mild winters due to the Gulf Stream. However in general gales, rain and cloud are dominant weather features. Overall the climate in Norway varies throughout the year.

The main spoken language in Norway is Norwegian (Bokmal and Nynorski), Lappish. The main religion practiced in Norway is 92% Evangelical Lutheran Christian. A main indoor activity in Norway is reading. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Norwegians read more than any other population in the world, spending an average of 500 kroner a year per capita on books.

c.) Norwegian per capita income ranks among the world’s highest. North Sea oil and gas fields are one of the cornerstones of the Norwegian economy. Other major industries upon which Norway relies are fishery, pulp and paper, forestry, mining, manufacturing and shipping. Traditionally, however, the country is a fishing nation, with 90 per cent of its catch exported. Whaling, a subject of controversy, has resumed despite an international ban. Fish farming is a growth sector, with government assistance, and Norway is now the world’s leading producer of salmon.

d.) In my opinion I believe that Norway s entire population is doing well due to their per capita income rank as being among highest in the world which brings the countries economy to a high and indicates that the country is doing well. Therefore I believe Norway will continue doing well and rise high in the worlds standards. I believe this because of Norway s history, which is quit good.

In conclusion as stated in the introduction this essay has answered all questions which were stated to be answered in the thesis. Thoroughly enough to better knowledge the reader and hopefully entertain one as well. Overall Norway is a somewhat interesting country with it s beautiful landscapes which attract many tourists and with it s great economy.