Английский язык для студентов университетов. Чтение, письменная и устная практика (стр. 16 из 42)

Sayako walked over on stockinged feet5 to a display of suede loafers.

'And these shoes to match all suits in size four,' she said. Her role model was the fibreglass mannequin6 which lolled convincingly against the shop counter, wearing the same cream suit that Sayako was wearing, the loafers that Sayako had just ordered and a bag that Sayako was about to order in navy, strawberry, cream and primrose. The mannequin's blonde nylon wig shone under the spotlights. Her blue eyes were half closed as though she were encaptured by her own beauty.

She is so beautiful, thought Sayako. She took the wig from the mannequin's head and placed it on her own. It fitted perfectly.

'And I take this,' she said.

She then handed over a platinum card which bore the name of her father, the Emperor of Japan.

As the manageress tapped in the magic numbers from the card,7 Sayako tried on a soft green-coloured suede coat which was also be­ing worn by a red-haired mannequin. The suede coat cost one penny less than a thousand pounds.

'What other colours do you have this in?' asked Sayako of the assistants, who were packing her suits, loafers, bags and wig.

'Just one other colour,' said an assistant (who thought, Jesus, we'll have a drink after work tonight).

She hurried to the back of the shop and quickly returned with a toffee-brown version of the sumptuous coat.8

'Yes,' said Sayako. 'I take both and, of course, boots to match, size four.' She pointed to the boots worn by the red-haired manne­quin.

The pile on the counter grew. Her bodyguard standing inside the shop door shifted impatiently.

When the Princess and her purchases had been driven away, the manageress and her assistants screamed and yelled and hugged each other for joy.

Sayako sat in the back of the limousine and looked at London and its people. How funny English people are, she thought, with their wobbly faces and big noses and their skin! She laughed behind her hand. So white and pink and red. What bodies they had! So tall. It wasn't necessary to have so much height, was it. Her father was a small man and he was an Emperor.

As the car set off on its journey towards Windsor, where she was staying at the newly opened Royal Castle Hotel, Sayako's eyes closed. Shopping was so tiring. She had started at 10.30 in Harrod's lingerie department9 and now it was 6.15 and she had only taken an hour off for lunch. And when she got home she had that puzzling book to read, Three Men in a Boat. She had promised her father she would read at least five pages a day. It would improve her English, he said, and help her to understand the English psyche.

She had already ploughed through The Wind in the Willows,10 Alice in Wonderland and most of Jemima Puddleduck11 but she had found these books very difficult, full of talking animals dressed in the clothes of human beings.

At Hyde Park Comer the car stopped suddenly, the driver swo­re and Sayako opened her eyes. The bodyguard turned around to face her.

'A demonstration,' he said. 'Nothing to fear.'

She looked out of the window and saw a long line of mid­dle-aged people crossing the road in front of the car. Many of them were wearing beige anoraks that Sayako, a devoted shopper, identified as coming from Marks and Spencer.12 A few were car­rying signs on sticks.

Nobody appeared to take any notice of them, apart from a few impatient motorists.

Proper Names

Sue Townsend ['sju: 'taUns@nd] — Сью Таунсенд

Sayako [s@'j{k@U] — Саяко

Sloane Street ['sl@Un 'stri:t] — Слоун Стрит

Windsor ['wInz@] — Виндзор

Harrod's ['h{r@dz] — Хэрродз

Jemima Puddleduck [³I'maIm@ 'pödld@k] — Джемайма Падлдак

Hyde Park ['haId 'p¸k] — Гайд Парк

Marks and Spencer ['m¸ks @nd 'spens@] — Маркс и Спенсер

Vocabulary Notes

1. Sayako came out of the changing room in Sloane Street ... — Саяко вышла из примерочной магазина на Слоун Стрит ... (Прим.: Слоун стрит — улица Лондона, получившая извест­ность благодаря расположенным на ней в изобилии изысканным магазинам).

2. ... as featured on the cover of English Vogue — ... точно таком же, как был на обложке английского издания «Воуг» (прим.:

Vogue — журнал мод)

3. ... I take it in strawberry and navy and primrose — ... я беру такой же цвета клубники, темно-синий и бледно-жёлтый.

4. She would now reach this week's target:— Теперь она не­пременно выполнит недельный план.

5. ... stockinged feet... ['stÁkIÎd] — ... в одних чулках ...

6. Her role model was the fibreglass mannequin ... — Образцом для нее служил синтетический манекен ...

7. As the manageress tapped in the magic numbers from the card ... — Пока заведующая секцией пробивала в кассе магиче­ские цифры, перенося их с пластиковой карты ...

8. ... with a toffee-brown version of the sumptuous coat —... с таким же роскошным пальто цвета кофе с молоком (Прим.: бук­вально — коричневый, как сливочная тянучка)

9. She had started at 10.30 in Harrod's lingerie department ... — Она начала в половине одиннадцатого с отдела женского белья в Хэрродз ... (Прим.: Хэрродз — крупнейший универмаг Лондона).

10. She had already ploughed through The Wind in the Willows ... — Она уже осилила «Ветер в Ивах» (Прим.: книга детского писателя К. Грэма).

11. Jemima Puddleduck — Джемайма Падлдак (Прим.: имя утенка из сказки Б. Поттер)

12. ... identified as coming from Marts and Spencer. — ... определи­ла, что они куплены в Маркс и Спенсер (Прим.: Маркс и Спенсер — известная сеть магазинов в Великобритании)

Comprehension Check

1. What was Sayako trying on in the changing room?

2. Why did the manageress inwardly rejoice?

3. What attracted Sayako's attention in the shop?

4. What was a role model for Sayako?

5. How was the mannequin dressed?

6. What else did Sayako buy in the shop? In what colours?

7. How did the manageress and her assistants react when Sayako had left?

8. What did Sayako think about English people?

9. Was Sayako tired of shopping? Why?

10. What was Sayako reading?

11. Was she reading for pleasure or not?

12. Whom did Sayako see in the street?

Phonetic Text Drills

○ Exercise 1

Transcribe and pronounce correctly the words from the text.

Suit, to survey, manageress, inwardly, to rejoice, target, suede, loafer, fibreglass, mannequin, to loll, nylon, to encapture, platinum, toffee, version, sumptuous, bodyguard, to yell, lim­ousine, wobbly, lingerie, psyche, to plough, anorak, to identify.

○ Exercise 2

Pronounce the words and phases where the following clusters occur.

1. consonant + D

On the cover, and these shoes, in the full-length mirror, in­side the shop, when the princess, in the back, and their skin, had that, found these books, in the clothes.

2. plosive + 1

Black, at least, bless, fibreglass, blonde, blue, closed, plati­num, impatiently, and looked, at London, people, ploughed.

3. plosive + r

Cream, primrose, tried, drink, princess, driven, screamed, and red, promised, would read, improve, crossing.

4. plosive + plosive

And placed, fitted perfectly, take both, and big, laughed behind, what bodies, bodyguard turned.

5. consonant + w

Job would be safe, card which, this week's, suede, coat which, cost one, just one, quickly, returned with, it was, it would.

○ Exercise 3

Pronounce after the announcer avoiding false assimilation. Comment on the phonetic phenomena.

This season's suit, as featured, as though, is so beautiful, as the car, was staying, was so tiring.

○ Exercise 4

Transcribe the following compound words.

Green-coloured, red-haired, toffee-brown, bodyguard, mid­dle-aged.

○ Exercise 5

Transcribe and intone the following exclamatory sentences.

How \funny "English "people "are, | she 'thought, | with their 'wobbly \faces | and 'big \noses | and their \skin! || What \bodies they "had! ||


Exercise 1

Reproduce the sentences in which the following words and phrases are used in the text.

To survey oneself in a full-length mirror, to be very good on somebody, to rejoice, to match, to be encaptured by some­thing, to fit perfectly, to try on, to shift impatiently, to set off, tiring, to plough through, to be a devoted shopper, not to take any notice of something.

Exercise 2

I. Find words opposite in meaning to the following ones from the text.

1. Untidy, safe, same, beautiful, sumptuous, funny, necessary, tiring, difficult, impatient;

2. Rejoice, place, fit, improve.

II. Give synonyms.

1. Heap, purchase, journey;

2. To survey, to place, to improve, to swear;

3. Sumptuous, tiring, puzzling

Exercise 3

Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

1. to loll A. correspond in quality, colour, design, etc.;

2. to rejoice B. change or move from one position to another;

3. to survey C. associate inseparably or very closely with smth.;

4. to hug D. show signs of great happiness;

5. to identify E. be of right measure, shape and size;

6. to match F. take a general view of smth.;

7. to order G. stand, sit or recline in a lazy attitude;

8. to fit H. squeeze tightly in one's arms, usually with affection;

9. to shift I. make a loud sharp cry (as of pain, excitement, etc.)

10. to yell J. command or direct.

Exercise 4

Say whether the following verbs have corresponding nouns. Comment on the difference in meaning and pronunciation.

feature match hand shift

survey order cost purchase

fit pack point promise

Exercise 5

Find in the text the words from the groups below and define to what part of speech they belong.

Convincingly — perfectly — wobbly;

shopping — tiring — puzzling;

feature — loafer — driver;

middle-aged — devoted — identified.

Exercise 6

Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your reasons.


For disagreement:For agreement:

That's not quite right.That's right.

Oh no, quite on the contrary.Exactly.

It says in the text...I agree entirely.

1. Sayako was trying on the last season's suit.

2. The manageress felt irritated by the obtrusive customer.

3. Sayako admired the beauty of the mannequin.

4. Sayako was a devoted shopper, ready to buy clothes in bulk.

5. She didn't care how much money she spent on clothes.

6. The princess found English people funny.

7. Shopping didn't take her much time.

8. Sayako found English books entertaining.

Exercise 7

Find synonyms in the text for the italicized words and expressions.

1. Before buying an antique statue, Maggie looked at it care­ fully to find if it matched the design of her flat.

2. I can't wear my blue shoes with a black skirt, they don't look good together.

3. I've bought a blouse for Alison. It's a very pretty colour and just the right size too.

4. Why don't you put on these shoes to see if they are comfor­table.

5. They were shown into a luxurious dining hall.

6. Standing still for any length of time can be exhausting.

7. Do you think this colour makes me look attractive?

8. The children were delighted to see peace and comfort return into their home at last.

9. At last the band appeared on the stage and the crowd was thrilled with its music.

10. After reading so many heavy and difficult textbooks, it was a relief to pick up a novel again.

11. He's always rude to people. Don't pay attention to his words.

Exercise 8

Find the English equivalents for the following words and expressions.


Примерочная; костюм шестого размера; костюм про­шлого сезона; помещённый на обложке журнала; зерка­ло в человеческий рост; цвет Вам идёт; я это беру; полка, где выставлены уличные туфли; туфли в тон; манекен; прилавок магазина; недельный план продажи; заведую­щая; прожектор; собираться заказать; отлично подходить; быть в упоении; протянуть кредитную карточку; стоить; показать на что-либо; покупки; утомительный; отдел дамского белья; из магазина Маркс и Спенсер; любитель­ница покупок; стоить без одного пенса тысячу фунтов; упаковывать.


Быть в упоении; прожектор; показать на что- либо; не обращать внимание; валяться на полу; внутренне возли­ковать; переминаться нетерпелтво с ноги на ногу; обни­маться от счастья; отдохнуть часок за ланчем; психология англичан.

Exercise 9

Express the same idea using different wording and grammar.

1. Sayako came out of the changing room in Sloane Street wearing this season's suit, as featured on the cover of Eng­lish Vogue.

2. The manageress, svelte in black, stood behind her.

3. She would now reach this week's taiget.

4. And these shoes to match all suits in size 4.

5. Sayako walked over on stockinged feet to a display of suede loafers.

6. Her role model was the fibreglass mannequin which lolled convincingly against the shop counter.

7. Her blue eyes were half closed as though she were encap-tured by her own beauty.

8. She hurried to the back of the shop and quickly returned with a toffee-brown version of the sumptuous coat.

9. She had already ploughed through The Wind in the Willows. 10. Many of them were wearing beige anoraks that Sayako, a devoted shopper, identified as coming from Marks and Spencer.

Exercise 10

Fill in the gaps with one of the following expressions, changing the forms of the words if necessary.

The colour is good on somebody, to bear the name of some­body, to take an hour off for lunch, to laugh behind the hand, to be coming from Harrod's, to loll against, to fit perfectly, shoes to match, to take something in navy, to be wearing, a full-length mirror, to try on something.

1. The suit was well-cut and fashioned, but the colour seemed to be too pale. So Amanda thought that she would ... .

2. The cashier looked at the platinum card and saw that... the name of the President. She couldn't believe her eyes.

3. Though ... , Dorothy thought that the coat was too wide and long, and decided not to buy it.

4. Her leather bag was so expensive that I immediately under­stood that it ... , as I knew that only there they sold such luxurious things.

5. On that day the headmistress ... an excellent stylish dress.

6. The dress ... , there was not a single crease anywhere and the length was right.

7. As our shopping tour was tiring, we decided ... and go to McDonalds.

8. There were no customers in the shop, there was absolutely nothing to do and the salesclerk ... the counter.

9. The customer looked so comic in a striped suit and a big hat that when he turned away to look at himself in the mirror, the shopgirls ....

10. Deborah had already ... five dresses, but none of them suited her.

11. On my way home with a newly purchased raincoat I passed by a shopwindow with a nice display of shoes. The idea struck me at once: I had to buy ....

12. It's a pity we do not have ... at home. It's impossible to see yourself from head to foot.