Dickens Essay Research Paper There were many

Dickens Essay, Research Paper

There were many great English novelists in the 1800’s. Among these writers was the famous Charles Dickens. In his life, Dickens went from having nothing to having everything. Ironically, he started off from a harsh childhood but later became one of the most popular writers of all times. The characters and events in many of Dickens books are based on the events and people in his life. He has been criticized and commended, but in the end he was genuinely known as an inventive artist.

Charles Dickens rose from an arduous background. He was born in Portsmouth, England in 1812, when two years later he moved to London with his family. His father, John, was a negligent clerk who worked for the navy and later was sent to prison for debts. McCallum, an English professor, stated that “When Dickens family was released from prison his mother forced him to work at a factory, providing him with a negative attitude towards women.” The previous quote shows that Dickens family forced him to do may things he did not wish to do. When he was fifteen he worked at a law firm and got lethargic, so he started writing. He then started out as a reporter and worked his way up to becoming an advancing author.

In many of Dickens fourteen novels he matched the people and events around him with his characters. His first novel, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, which was published in 1837 was a great success. This was about the adventures of Samuel Pickwick and his friends. Through this novel readers addressed him by the pen name “Boz.” In Perdue’s analysis of Dickens he stated that “Only when the entire work was published was the author’s identity revealed which launched Dickens to celebrity status”(1). In the previous quote, Dickens states that his first novel was the first step to his popularity. Dicken’s twelfth and thirteenth novels, published in 1859 and 1861, seemed to be the most known novels by readers. In his twelfth novel, A Tale of Two Cities, he used his friend Thomas Carlyle’s history of the French Revolution as a reference. This book was said to be the “most popular and most famous of his works”(A Tale of Two Cities). This whole book can be summed up in one famous quote by Dickens “It was the best of times, It was the worst of times”(A Tale of Two Cities). This is so because the novel was about the struggle and heroism of his fictional character, Sidney Carton, during the French Revolution. Dickens thirteenth novel was Great Expectations. In this novel he linked his sons to the character “Pip.” Dickens had given his sons everything that he had not had but still they made nothing of it. McCallum stated that “They had a knack for wasting money and seemed destined to lives of useless snobbery, much in the manner of early Pip in Great Expectations,” linking Dicken’s sons to Pip. In the first edition of The Pickwick Papers he linked it with his marriage to Catherine Hogarth who bore him ten children and then separated from him because of his unhappiness. Dickens created some of the most famous characters in literature and many of them were linked to the ones around him.

Dickens had great Literary success and contributed to the community at the same time. It was said that “He sympathized with the poor and helpless, and mocked and criticized the selfish, the greedy, and the cruel”(”Charles Dickens”2). This quote shows that he was for helping the needy. He helped establish a home for reformed prostitutes and to press for slum clearance, education reform, sanitary measures, and many other social issues that he saw were corrupting society. He also contributed his time to various charities. Dickens gained his first time literary success with The Pickwick Papers. He founded and edited two highly successful weekly magazines, “Household Words” and “All the Year Round.” He also had great success giving public readings of his work. In many ways he was successful.

Now, Dickens is considered to be one of the major figures in English literature but he was not always. He was criticized for having a simple and unrealistic outlook, but in the end he can be described as a writer of considerable depth and complexity. In conclusion, Dickens rose from a person to pity to a man who is exemplary.

“The Missing End To Great Expectations”

Twenty long years had passed by since I had not seen Joe nor Biddy. Always in my heart I could not forget about such a thing. How my brother-in-law/father figure could love the only other lady next to Estella I wished to share my heart with. I wished for Biddy’s heart to intertwine with my abused soul. For in the beginning my heart, mind, body, and soul belonged to the beloved Estella. How she wronged me. From the moment I first laid eyes onto the beauty my heart was hers. But because of her upbringing I could not receive what I wished for. The hatred Miss. Havisham taught her to take a malicious revenge on the male gender. Because of this I suffered more. I could not understand such a thing, why I had to be the one to encounter the pain.

I stepped foot into Joe’s home and there I saw him in front of the ageing fire holding a delicate baby girl. How surprised they were to see me. An embracing hug and a smile is what I received from both. They had almost given up on be, but surprisingly I was standing before their glowing eyes. They had named the baby Estella, after my one beauty. They also had a young chap whom they name “Pip” in respects to me. This which pleased me greatly. By seeing the love they had for each other and had given to their children, I could not detest. I should never underrate others happiness for my own. This being what I had learned so far from my trip. I sat and conversed with both for a day or two. They had told me there were rumors of Estella and Drummles’ separation. He had abused and betrayed her in various ways. He just wanted her as a trophy to show off until he was sickened of her. In a sense I wished to learn if this was the truth or not. Truly I should be disheartened if so was true, but I knew I wouldn’t be. I dearly loved her, but she put Drummle ahead of me when I loved her deeply. For he had the money and was stable. I thought what about the love. I cherished Estella’s every move even though she acted as if she never cared for me. How one could be so cruel. I thought this was what she deserved.

I went to the Satis House the day after, just to remember the memories. Surprisingly there was my beauty. Standing ever so fair and lovely next to Miss Havisham whom was still alive and well. I asked her of the rumors and she said they were well true. It was like the beginning, when I stepped foot in the house first years so long ago. Both the ladies together, alone. Still both with no expression upon their faces and looking to hate. Remembering how I was treated like an object all these years and not as one to be loved, I knew I could do it. It was time to walk away and forget, Forget the memories and the past. If I stayed I would fall in love again with a lady I could never have, only being left to be hurt and suffer years of pain. I looked back at the women not shedding a tear or showing an expression. Being cold-hearted as them was not hard. For they did not wish for me to be apart of them, just an object for them to revenge on. I wouldn’t be taken advantage of once again. The memories I had were not joyful so the time was here to let them disappear. I looked at both and said goodbye, forever. I walked out the door and never looked back from that moment on.

After my trip to England I had closure on the harsh part of my life. I was ready to live now. I came back to London and lived my life with joy and no regrets. I knew I did what was right.