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Broken Chain Essay Research Paper In the

Broken Chain Essay, Research Paper

In the movie, Broken Chain , we can easily define the two sides, which are opposing each other; one is the six nations and the second is the British Empire. But actually, there is the third perspective in the scene, which I will go over later. There are two main characters in the six nations, one is Joseph Brant and another is Mohahehu. Although Joseph and Mohahehu are best friends, they have different points of view towards the intents of the British Empire. Joseph, who is a double agent and put his own interest the first place in the beginning, tries to establish himself to be an Indian hero and become the chief and the first Indian commander in a western army in the history, but his ambition ultimately put him into the trap set up by the British. Mohahehu, who is succeeded to become the new chief of the six nations, feeling that something has been wrong from the beginning of helping the British to fight against Indians in Delaware. On the other side, there is Sir William Johnson. He is a man that will do anything to satisfy his interest and at the same time accomplishes the British king s plans. As we can see, he even married an Indian woman because of the convenience to form a tie with the six nations. As the movie goes along, there are intensions between the Indians and the British constantly. The British always demand the Indians to give help on their problems, but never keep on their promises, such as new settlers were looting Indians land throughout the time even when the chain was still existed.

This fragment in the history, once again supported the basic of the human nature, Men are born evil . At that time, the Europeans were the strongest people on the earth, in terms of firearms and navigation technologies. The Europeans intentions are obvious, that is to expand and take other people s land and resources (example: slaves, land and ore mines). Their sinful minds and technologies afforded them to sail around; colonized { invaded is a more suitable word) and brought painfulness to different parts of the world. The third perspective in the movie is the nature of the human conduct, which is one of the fundamentals of political science. If all men are created equal, then the studies of the science in politics will never be needed.

Hopefully, after generations of wars, mistakes and accumulating of experience, men will grow up and live peacefully together.