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Cybersex Essay Research Paper Cyber Sex What

Cybersex Essay, Research Paper

Cyber Sex

What is Cyber Sex? Cyber Sex is the act of having sex or making love, between two or more people, in a chat room or in e-mails, without ever hearing the voice of the other. For example, two people meet in a chat room. They find out they have similar interest and start to like each other. Then these people start to initiate a bond. They start to participate in cyber sex. They type out foreplay and sexual lovemaking. I strongly believe that if you participate in cyber sex and you do not plan on meeting that particular person, that you are in no way committing adultery. There are many reasons why someone might cyber such as: feeling lonely or unattractive to their partner, a way to experience their fantasy without feeling ashamed, and cyber sex is done in the safety of his or her own home.

When someone is cybering with another person there is no real physical contact such as kissing, making love, or any other physical contact. Cybering is just a means of acting out a fantasy that someone is fearful to act out in real life. People that have problems in their relationships often seek advice from a total stranger and then might start to cyber with the other person to get away from the reality of things. People often cyber to fulfill a void that is missing in ones life. People that often cyber are overly flirtatious, are often natural flatterers. Some also demand a great deal of attention due to the way they are treated and the treatment they receive at home, from their partner, such as feeling unappreciated or unattractive. Cyber sex is also used to give someone new and interesting ideas that they can in turn use in the bedroom with their partner. It also helps deter them from straying away from their real life partner.

Cybering has many safety points about it. If you planned on going out and searching for someone to have an affair with, the chances are you will wind up catching a disease. When performing cyber sex on your computer you do not have to worry about catching any type of disease from someone because you are not in contact with that person. Most cyber sex individuals use sexual aids to help inhance the experience and make it more surreal. Masturbation is a good way to receive physical pleasure without having to chance a physical contact with a person and commit adultery. Another safety factor is that you do not have to disclose any information about yourself to the other person. Like for instance, your phone number, real name, and where you live. The chances of them finding out your identity is not likely versus if you met someone outside the safety of your home. If you were to meet someone outside of your home the person might end up being a stalker, rapist, or some kind of crazy sex fiend. Cyber sex is the safe way of having a personal relationship without any consequences.

So the thing to remember is if you participate in cyber sex, not to initiate any real life meetings or disclose any personal information about yourself. If there is no real physical contact or any plan to initiate any type of real life involvement then it can not be considered adultery. Cyber sex is a person’s way to escape reality while enjoying private liaisons with others that, like themselves, have found a way to live out their fantasies and desires with others. Cyber sex is the medium to satisfy their desires and curiosities without ever being identified.