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History Of Latin Dance Essay Research Paper

History Of Latin Dance Essay, Research Paper

Latin Dance Essay:

Latin Dance originated in many places, for example the countries of Cuba, Brazil and many others. The Latin Dancing that is done today is based on the original styles, but the music and costumes have changed a great deal.

For the music of Latin dance, high-hearted flashy upbeat music is played. Many Latin stars have appeared in the last 10 years. For example, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez are the hot Latin singers of today. Their music is filled with passionate words and strong feelings. The music of Latin dance has to be powerful. This is because to dance the style of Latin you have to have drive and sharp movements. The tantalizing melody of Ricky Martin is why he is so popular.

The people that were involved in early Latino dance included the Europeans and the Negro forms. The European conquerors imported Negro slaves. The slaves would dance in the night with each other in the early forms of Latin Dance. The Europeans caught on to the dance styles and tried them. When the courts were introduced and the public aware there became a frenzy of Latino Dance. The music was imported just like the Negro slaves.

Perez Prado brought the mambo, from its originating country Cuba, to the Untied States. It then became a big “fad”. In the streets of the early fifties the “city livin” were having underground dance fests. He played an important part in the history of Latin Dance because he brought one of the four main steps.

The four different types of dancing include: The mambo, The Cha Cha, The Salsa and The Rumba. Firstly, The Basic Mambo originated in Cuba. It was then presented to the dance studios in America. The basic Mambo consists of left foot front, place together, right foot front, place together. You can do this in any direction, while your partner does the opposite. Example: You place you left foot back he puts his right foot forward. The Cha Cha really started out as the Rumba with a few extra beats. Pierre Lavelle took the extra beats back with him to Britain. He then taught it as a separate dance. He called it the Cha Cha. All you do is when your feet are together you move you right foot to tap, then your left and then your right again, cha cha cha.

Latin Dancing is very distinctive for three reasons. Firstly, Latin dancing is like no other. It has steps and rhythms that have originated in it. The fact that many new styles of dancing are being invented based on Latino dance styles, just goes to show the need for distinctive steps. Secondly the music is very different then all the other music involved

with other styles of dance. For example dance pop is a very different kind of music opposed to Latin music. Thirdly, Latin Dance is an old dance form. Not many dance

styles have stayed popular through hundreds of years. It is still popular today. For all these reasons Latin Dance is very distinctive.

Two other fancy tricks include the turn involved in the mambo. It is a quick 1 2 3 step that swirls the girl around to be caught in the mambo position. Another fancy trick is a trick that involves the girl placing her foot up on the man’s shoulder. Firstly she kicks her leg up very high to the side of her body and then slowly places it on the man’s shoulder. Then he drags her across the room with her one leg dragging on the floor. It is a very seductive move that was brought to popularity in a variety of Tango dances. These two steps are just two of the fancy and fun tricks involved in Latin dancing.

In my opinion Latin dancing has remained popular throughout the years for a few reasons. Firstly, Latin Dancing has always been very popular with the young people. Now a days the young are striving for more ways to enjoy themselves, dancing is one of the. Secondly, Latin dance is a great way to express yourself while showing off your body. Dancing helps bring out your feeling in either soft lovely movements or sharp crisp movements. All of Latin Dance really tells a story, including the music. It all flows into your body and your soul. I think that Latin dance has influenced the people who dance it by letting them show themselves in the form of body language. I think this and the other reason above have kept it popular.