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Superman Will Walk Again Essay Research Paper

Superman Will Walk Again Essay, Research Paper

If anyone can be considered a hero, I feel it should be Christopher Reeve.

Reeve found Hollywood stardom by starring in Superman. Unfortunately,

on May 27, 1995, he was paralyzed from the neck down as he fell from his

horse. After months of recovery he was able to come back to the world and

appear at the 68th annual Academy Awards. His courage and never ending

work with charities and fund-raisers make him my hero.

Christopher Reeve always loved performing on stage. As a teenager

he was in many plays and used the theater to overcome his lack of

self-confidence. He later moved on to working in soap operas and in larger

theater plays. Although, he caught his big break in 1978 with the leading

role in Superman. This led to other leading roles in Hollywood.

On May 25, 1995 his life would change dramatically. While riding in

an equestrian, his horse stalled before a jump and he was thrown off. The

fall paralyzed him from the neck down after he landed on his head. His first

two vertebrae were shattered and it damaged some of his spinal chord. A

bystander saved his life by giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Reeve went into months of rehabilitation on the road to recovery.

Afterwards he was able to talk and breath with the help of a respirator. His

rehabilitation enabled him to appear in a wheelchair on March 25, 1996 at

the 68th annual Academy Awards. His presence was greeted with an

overwhelming applause. Christopher talked of movies with social issues

and their importance. He also challenged Hollywood to do more movies

concerning that.

Christopher Reeve is my hero. He was first known to us as the man

who nodded the red cape and blue tights. He also plays a huge part in

saving the planet and informing the public of important issues. His dealings

with his spinal injury and his will to find a cure for this injury make him

very heroic. Reeve has said he hopes to stand on his own by his 50th

birthday. Hopefully, we will be able to see this courageous man walk again,

and why should we doubt it? He is Superman.