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Compare The Treatment Of Love In The

Poems By Herrick And Marvell. Essay, Research Paper

????????? Both Herrick and Marvell

deal with the philosophy ‘Carpe Diem’ (live for the day). ‘Carpe Diem’ means

that time should not be wasted and that you should make the most out of time. In

Herricks poem ‘To the virgins, to make much of time’ the philosophy ‘Carpe

Diem’ is a central theme to this poem. The poem is addressed to the virgins and

makes the point that time is running out for them. ‘Flying’, the poet gives you

a sense of time running out quickly and the speed of time is increasing. In

this poem the idea of time running out links into the idea that death

approaching. ‘Rose-buds’, the poet compares the virgins to rosebuds which shows

us that the virgins are yet to experience life. The rosebuds are a symbol of

beauty and love.In the poem ‘Daffadills’ by

Herrick there is also the sense of time passing quickly and the philosophy

‘Carpe Diem’. The poem is addressed to everyone and tells everyone not to waste

time. ‘Away’, this powerful word gives us sense of loss and time flying away

quickly. In this poem there is an emphasis on how little time there is and you

feel that?s there is urgency. The short lines in the poem give you a sense of

how short time is. The poem uses the sun as a metaphor to how time passes.

‘Stay, stay’, the poet uses repetition to create a picture of him trying to

stop time passing quickly. ‘Summer raine’, the summers rain is very quick and

so the poet compares life to summers rain because it is quick. ‘Morning dew’,

the poet compares life to morning dew because you can’t recapture lost time. ??????????? In the poem ‘To Dianeme’ by

Herrick the poem is address to one woman. The poem urges the woman the women to

share her love and beauty with men before her beauty deteriorates as time

passes. The issue of time passing and the philosophy ‘Carpe Diem’ is not about

death but about beauty not lasting. ‘Star-like sparkle’, the poet uses a simile

to describe the women’s eyes. The women’s eyes are like a star since they are

bright and twinkle. ‘Rich haire’, her hair is very thick, smooth and vibrant in

colour. The woman is described as being very flirtatious and sexually

attractive. ‘All hearts your captives; yours, yet free’, the poet tells us that

the woman is very appealing to men and many men have opened their hearts to her

but get rejected. The poet is telling the woman to open her heart and

experience love before she loses her beauty and is unattractive to men. ‘World

of Beauties gone’, the poet is warning the lady that the beauty of her ruby

will remain but her beauty will not remain. The poet feels that love very

important and that you should experience love before life runs out.In the poem ‘To his coy

mistress’ by Marvell there is a sense of time passing quickly as does the poems

by Herrick. ‘Had we but world enough, and time’, Marvell starts his poem by

saying that there is not enough time left. The idea of time running out and the

philosophy ‘Carpe Diem’ is a central idea in the poems by Herrick and Marvell.

‘Coyness’, Marvell describes his mistress as being shy which is similar to

Herrick poem ‘To the virgins, to make much of time’. In Herrick’s poem he tells

the virgins not to be shy and to experience love. In Marvell’s poem he makes

the point that time is short and that not everything can be done in such little

time. Marvell compliments and flatters his mistress by saying he would do all

the romantic things he mentions but cannot since time is running out. ‘Times

winged chariot hurrying near’, Marvell creates the picture that the end of time

is flying towards him quickly. In this poem Marvell says that he would eat up

time and conquer it. ‘Devour’, he uses a physical and powerful words to express

his feelings. He ends his poem very heroically by saying he will do anything to

fight against time. ‘Stand still, yet we will make him run’, this heroic

statement show us that he will do anything to carry out the romantic

suggestions he mentions in the first stanza.In Marvell’s poem ‘To his

coy mistress’ and Herrick’s poem ‘To the virgins, to make much of time’ both

poet urge the women to loose their virginity. ‘Quaint honour’, Marvell make a

mockery of his mistress belief in virginity. He says that her beauty and

virginity will be destroyed by time so why keep it. ‘The worms shall try That long-preserved virginity’, Marvell feels that

his mistress has kept her virginity for a long time. Also he creates a very

horrible and disgusting picture of worms burrowing into her vagina. Marvell

uses a very powerful tone to create a disgusting picture of worms penetrating

her vagina. I feel that Marvell disregards the idea of keeping you virginity

since he feel it does not matter is you?re a virgin when your dead since worm

will bore into you. In the poem ‘To the virgins, to make much of time’ Herrick

make the point that you should lose your virginity since time is running out to

do so. I feel that Marvell’s poem is much stronger since he is pleading for sex

since time is running out for him to do so. In Herrick’s poem he is telling the

virgins to lose their virginity and so is not personal. ??????????? ??????????? In Herrick’s poem ‘Daffadills’ and Marvell’s poem there

is an emphasis on the fact the fact that beauty does not last. ‘Decay’, Herrick

is saying that time is passing so quickly that beauty is turning into decay.

‘Morning dew’, both Herrick and Marvell make the comparison of time to morning

dew. This creates a picture that time in very short and that there is little

time to be wasted. In Herrick’s poem ‘To Dianeme’, there is also an emphasis

that beauty is not everlasting. ‘World of Beauties gone’, the poet is saying

that the beauty of a ruby is everlasting and the beauty of a person

deteriorates.??????????? In Herrick’s and Marvell’s poems there is a difference in

the structure and style of the poem. Marvell’s poem is structures in to

distinct parts. The poem is written in rhyme couplet and so the lines of the

poem stand out. The rhyme couplets create an epigrammatic force which make each

line very powerful. In Herrick’s poem ‘Daffadils’ the line length varies and

some of the line are only one word. The short lines give an effect of how short

time is. ???????????